To maintain a good hydro-saline balance and increase the reduced plasma volume through perspiration, it is important to keep hydrated during and after training. Water, in this case, is the key needed to restore the water-salt balance, and when they are added small quantities of mineral salts and carbohydrates its power considerably improves.
→ Before training, or in the phase of preparation before a race or particularly strenuous exercise, if you plan to sweat a lot is helpful to drink without exceeding 300- 400 ml of water.
→ During exercise it is always advisable to drink in small sips to avoid introducing excessive amounts of fluid in the stomach. It will be very important to anticipate thirst, because when the urge arises, the lack of water has now reached the threshold.
→ After training, adequate substitution of idrosaline losses will be crucial for rapid regeneration process.
The supply of minerals should never be excessive: the intake of hypertonic drinks during training, in addition to hinder the absorption of water, may risk to cause dehydration and intestinal imbalances. So for a quick restoration of hydro-saline balance, it is suggested to use isotonic or hypotonic beverages during the training session.
Beverages containing too many carbohydrates can slow gastric emptying and cause gastrointestinal side effects; the best ones should contain mainly magnesium and potassium and a 6-7% carbohydrate.
The most popular mineral waters among sportspeople are those that help neutralize alkaline waste produced during strenuous exercise. However, all drinks should be ingested at a temperature of 4-5 ° C; too cold drinks can cause the onset of cramps and delay the absorption.


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