As a rule of thumb during a period of training where the desired outcome is to build muscle it would be expected that you would increase overall calorie intake by approximately 10% and to divide the day into 6 smaller meals.

Each meal would have a balance of carbohydrates, protein, fibre, fluid and vegetables. The post training meals would favour more protein based foods to provide the body sufficient protein to recover from training with some complex carbs to refuel glycogen stores. Pre workout meals would favour carbohydrates more in order to fuel the workout.

The quality of your protein intake during this phase is also important and as a guide only it would be likely that the following intake would be needed per kilo of bodyweight per day:

Sedentary person                                 0.9 to 1g of protein

Moderate activity                                1g to 1.3g

Aerobic sports                                        1.3g to 1.5g

Sports anaerobic                                  1.5g to 1.8g

Bodybuilding                                          1.5g to 2g

Competitive strength event           2g to 2.5g