Recovery is a critical period both after training and competition. This is the time the body regenerates and builds. We need to cover certain issues:

Hydration: Make sure that sufficient fluids are taken to optimally hydrate the body. A guideline would be to drink around 50ml per kilo of bodyweight

Vitamins & Minerals: A varied diet should provide foods rich in the required amounts as they promote many physiological functions. Intense training creates oxidative stress and the free radicals created need to be neutralized.

Carbohydrates: A varied diet with carbohydrates from pasta, bread, potatoes will help restore the glycogen stores. A rule of thumb is 5g to 10g of carbs per kilo of bodyweight per day for an active athlete.

Protein: A varied diet of fish, meat and dairy products will provide protein that can be supplemented as required with measured servings of protein rich shakes. A guide would be 1.5g to 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight for an active athlete.

To assist in the above NAMEDSPORT> has a number of products to support the athlete. Probasic alkalizing minerals counter acidosis, BCAA’s to help energy production and to fight muscle catabolism, Magnesium and vitamins to fight fatigue. All NAMEDSPORT> protein shakes will provide a small protein rich meal in a great tasting shake.

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