Triathlon is one of the sports which involves the highest aerobic effort, because it is an individual multidisciplinary activity that brings together three different disciplines: swimming, cycling and running.

Athletic training is very difficult and articulated, and it is essential to follow a healthy diet that gives energy, but not complicate the physical.
The diet of the triathlete, therefore, should be varied and well balanced in all its macro and micro nutrients: an integration that ensures a high intake of carbohydrates before and during exercise, it is necessary to allow the charging of skeletal muscle glycogen; proteins instead, taken before and after training,  provide the nourishment needed for muscle reconstruction; fats are ultimately needed to replenish energy reserves when efforts are particularly long.

In the sprint and super sprint distances it is useful to supplement your diet with creatine cycles, to maintain high muscle explosiveness; in the longer distances you need to hire branched amino acids, to prevent catabolism of muscle mass.
The first meal of the day, namely breakfast, is of fundamental importance but it has not always the right time available: it is therefore possible to integrate during training with solutions containing minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids.
And it is recommended eating small energy bars from one session to the other, especially when making the workout combined swimming and cycling; the combined swim training run, however, it is preferable to fill up energy before the swimming session, and between one discipline and another drink solutions for energy and muscle recovery.

After the combined workouts you need to integrate with solutions for recovering containing minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids glutamine and branched.
Finally, it is preferable not to skip meals during the training day, as the muscle and energy recovery would be seriously compromised, even in the days of feeling more and more the sense of weariness always get organized to leave about 30 minutes free, immediately after training, to nourish your body!