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Le Tour de France is among the most awaited international cycling competitions and the best UCI WorldTeams have been training for months to conquer the Champs-Élysées. Thousands of kilometers among mountains, cobblestones, time trials and many other challenges to face between France and the Basque Country.

Have you ever wondered how a PRO trains for such an important competition? All our athletes agree: in order to achieve such a demanding physical and mental effort, details make a difference.

A good nutrition plan, calibrated for specific needs, becomes essential to fuel up. Sprint, climb or descend: nothing will be a problem anymore!

This is the reason why PROs always choose NAMEDSPORT> products. High quality and certificated products, available in different flavours, specifically chosen by Tour de France as Official Partner.

Not only the PROs need our products: also the brave amateurs that will face the Étape du Tour on July, 9th 2023.
152 km with more than 4,100 m of elevation gain, including the climbs of col de Saxel, col de Cou, col de Feu, col de la Ramaz and col de Joux Plane, on the same route as stage 14 of Le Tour de France, between Annemasse and Morzine.
Nothing should be left to chance.

Here it is our nutrition strategy!


Fuel up before starting with Total Energy fruit Jelly>, our fruit puree enriched with magnesium and potassium, and 1 tab of HydraFit> ZERO dissolved in the sport bottle to make your own sugar free hypotonic electrolyte drink.


Take a gel every 45 to 50 minutes to keep your glycogen stores full. In the last phase of the descents, before each climb, choose a gel with caffeine (such as Isotonic Power Gel> Cola-Raspberry) to give your body the right time for absorption.
Switch between the gels and take small bites of energy bars, such as Total Energy Fruit Bar> or Energybar, and choose a protein bar when there is no elevation gain, such as at km 58.

Drink in small sips every 15 to 20 minutes, before you feel thirsty. Alternate 2 sport bottles every 1.5 hours: fill one with HydraFit> ZERO and the other with Race Fuel> to stock up on electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Don't stop, you’re almost there!
Before you cross the finish line, in the last 20 to 30 km, recharge with our liquid energy Total Energy Shot> and get ready for the final sprint.


After this extreme race, don’t forget about the importance of recovery. Take Total Energy Recovery> to restore all the energy stores spent during the competition.

It’s very important to test your strategy before the competition. For this reason we have designed a special EDT kit with everything you need…at a very special price!

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What will you get?

> Total Energy Fruit Jelly>

> HydraFit> ZERO

> 2 Total Energy Fruit Bar>

> 2 Isotonic Power Gel>

> Race Fuel>

> Total Energy Shot>

How to get them?

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This nutrition programme is intended as a suggestion. For a customised sports supplementation strategy, we recommend consulting a professional who can assess the specific needs and personal characteristics of each athlete.

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