111 km and two ascents to the monument, within a course offering a unique landscape: it’s almost time for the Gran Fondo Il Lombardia, are you ready?

A mix of uphill and downhill, will guarantee fun, and will test even those who are well trained. You will need to load up energy and strengthen up your endurance in order to cope with the two uphills leading to the monument: Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano.

How to prepare yourself and face this competition?
Here are some tips from our experts:

> Study the race course, and test your strategy during training, do not improvise

> Start hydrating in the warm up phase, and refine the carbohydrates energy reserve

> Use gels and bars while you are on the bike in order to stock up carbohydrates and sugars, and to avoid depleting your glycogen’s supplies

> Drink small sips every 15/20 minutes so that you are always hydrated

> For the final sprint, choose a vial with tonic and stimulating effects

> At the end of the race, do not forget the recovery phase, replenish what you have lost within 30 minutes

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Our isotonic gels will keep you company during the uphills, guaranteeing you energy replenishment, and effective hydration without the need for water! Taking 1 gel approximately every 40/50 minutes will prevent muscle glycogen supplies from falling below the performance threshold. The energy provided by sugars will be released a few minutes after ingestion (7-10), while the remaining carbohydrates will release it gradually.

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