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Find out what we recommend to face the iconic Europe's Southern Classic!

Also this year we are official partners of Astana and BikeExchange-Jayco.
To pedal through the dusty roads of the Sienese hills, amazing PROs like Aleksej Lutsenko, Vincenzo Nibali, Matthews Michaels and Simon Yates follow a correct nutritional strategy, in order to always give their best with the right energy load.

Are you ready to breath the dust too?

The whitest edition of the Strade Bianche is coming!
The long route was amended and extended from 139 to 142 kilometres, with 10 gravel sectors instead of eight. Less tarmac and more gravel, the route becomes technically more challenging to better reflect the essence and the soul of this race and of this territory.
New scenarios, new views and unique emotions where what matters the most is to ride together, surrounded by the wonderful scenery of the countryside of Siena, all the way to the incomparable finish in the stunning Piazza del Campo.



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About two to three hours beforehand, make sure you eat a rich breakfast full of carbohydrates (toast, cereal, jam or honey), fat (peanut butter, dried fruit and butter) and proteins with a high biological value (eggs, ham or milk). Don't forget liquids, take at least half a litre of plain water or herbal tea..

An hour before leaving, boost your energy reserves with Total Energy Fruit Jelly>, Total Energy Fruit Bar> and a vial of L-Carnitine Shot.


Eat about 50-60g of carbohydrates every hour, helping yourself of gels and bars. Eat small amounts of savoury food as well: you can prepare it before the race, otherwise you can find it at refreshment posts.

Hydrate yourself constantly every 15-20 minutes without waiting until you feel thirsty, in which case it's already late! Drink at least two half-litre bottles every 90 minutes.
At the 100km mark, take a Total Energy Shot> or a vial of Guaranà Super Strong Liquid for a toning effect.


Replenish your energy resources as soon as possible at the end of your effort with Total Energy Recovery> and 4Fuel> RECHARGE, which are rapidly absorbed to allow for smooth recovery.

Take your time after the race to take a serving of Star Whey Protein to support muscle recovery, before treating yourself to a full meal.

This nutrition programme is intended as a suggestion. For a customised sports supplementation strategy, we recommend consulting a professional who can assess the specific needs and personal characteristics of each athlete.

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