32% Protein bar covered in a layer of delicious caramel and crunchy milk chocolate. A luxurious tasting bar blended from Soy Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate with a high biological value. Crunchy Protein bars have a balanced content of fat and carbs and are perfect for post training recovery or as a snack to top up your protein intake during the day.
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  • 32% protein per bar
  • Ideal for replenishing protein after a workout or as meal replacement
  • Easily digested
  • Supports muscle mass and recovery
  • Free from hydrogenated fats
  • Low fat and low sugar
  • 9 delicious flavours to choose from
Nutritional Characteristics
  • Low Sugar
Before and after.
Usage Tips
Nutritional Informations
100g Barretta/bar/ riegel (40g)
Nutrition Information
Energy 1733kJ/413kcal 693kJ/165kcal
Fat 17 g 7 g
of which saturates 11 g 5 g
Carbohydrate 37 g 15 g
of which sugars 20 g 8 g
Protein 32 g 13 g
Salt 0,43 g 0,17 g
* Nutrient Reference Value (adults) Reg. EU 1169/2011.
More Information
EAN 8054956342419
MNP 973645233
Ingredients Darkchocolatecoating(33%)(cocoamass,sugar,cocoabutter,emulsifiersoy lecithin,vanillaextract),caramellayer(19%)(glucosesyrup,sugar,condensedmilk,invertsugarsyrup,cocoabutter,water,humectantsorbitol,emulsifiermonoanddiglyceridesoffattyacids,salt), milkprotein, soya crispies (8.8%) (soy proteinisolate,riceflour, barley maltextract,salt),collagenhydrolysate,humectantglycerol, soyproteinisolate, water, coconutoil, orange peel(0.8%), paprika , naturalflavouring,sunfloweroil,bulkingagentmicrocrystallinecellulose. May contain nuts, eggs and peanuts.
Product Type Protein
Sport Cycling, Running, Team Sports, CrossFit, Fitness, Body Building, Triathlon, Swimming
Info Storage conditions: storeinacool,dryplace.Avoidexposuretoheatanddirectsunlight.Dispose inanenvironmentalfriendlywayafteruse.
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Nuova borraccia biodegradabile
Nuova borraccia biodegradabile