Hydration and energy are two fundamental aspects for an athlete and you must take care of them in every workout in order to optimize your performance. Four our Orange Friday, we have chosen to offer you a kit that allows you to hydrate and support your energy metabolism for a special price:

HYDRA&BOOST> for 17.99 € instead of 24.99 €!

Inside you will find:


Our mix of magnesium, potassium and 9 vitamins designed for the preparation of a hypotonic electrolytic solution (Osmolarity 200 mosm/kg) useful to replenish hydrohaline losses due to profuse sweating during intense physical activity. HydraFit> is Informed Sport certified.


A boost of energy in practical single-dose vials that, thanks to Royal Jelly, L-Carnitine, Guarana, Schisandra, Vitamins D, B12, Niacin and Folic Acid, acts in favour of daily recharge, it counteracts fatigue and it is particularly suitable in periods of psychophysical recovery and convalescence, during the changing of the season or to support intense rhythms and demanding daily activities.

Orange Sport Bottle>

Designed to always have the hydration you need. Pour 20 g of HydraFit> into 500 ml of water and you’re ready! Put it in your gym bag or bike bottle holder and take small sips every 15-20 minutes.

That’s not all!
Buy the HYDRA&BOOST> kit and if you reach a minimum cost of 50.00 €, you'll get your 50 Orange Points + 200 Orange Points added to your account!

Do you know what this means?
You can get 250 Orange Points and redeem your 25.00 € voucher on your next purchase.


What are Orange Points?
These are the points that reward your loyalty by giving value to your purchases: once accumulated, they will entitle you to a super discount!


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The promo ends at 11.59 pm on 30th November 2022 or while stocks last. It cannot be combined with other ongoing offers.