Welcome to Hell!

Over 250km of cobblestones and gravel: this is Paris-Roubaix, also known as the "Queen of the Classics", the most treacherous of the French Monuments.

We've been waiting for it since April and now our PROs are ready to concentrate all their forces to reach Roubaix, so they'll need to maximise their energy intake, how?

L-Carnitine Shot

Ideal before the start thanks to the combined action of Carnitine and Chromium. It contains 2500mg of the purest quality Carnitine, an amino acid compound capable of transporting fatty acids into the cellular compartment for energy production, and Chromium, important for the metabolism of macronutrients.

Guaranà Super Strong Liquid

Guarana has a tonic effect and antioxidant and stimulant properties, while Vitamin B6 helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and, together with Niacin and Vitamin B1, contributes to normal energy metabolism.

Magnesium Liquid+Vitamin B6

Magnesium Liquid + Vitamin B6, with 280mg of Magnesium and 1,4mg of Vitamin B6, is optimal for the recovery phase. Magnesium is an essential mineral of fundamental importance for the health of the body as it counteracts tiredness, fatigue and promotes muscle function, contributes to protein synthesis and the functioning of the nervous system.

Now you can try them too!

As a gift for you:

> 4 Guaranà Super Strong Liquid

> 3 L-Carnitine Shot

> 2 Magnesium Liquid + Vitamin B6

How to collect your gifts?

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> Enter the code PARISROUBAIX2021

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