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Alkaline* Salts supplement with Vitamins and Q10 Coenzyme

Formulated to support the body’s acid base balance. With alkaline mineral salts, bicarbonates, antioxidants, vitamins and Coenzyme Q10.

Muscles & blood prefer to be in a slightly alkaline state to function efficiently. However, muscle is more variable and during intense efforts (muscle ‘burn’) they can become more acidic causing muscle fatigue. By reducing this acidity it will take longer for the ‘burn’ to occur meaning you can train harder. The special ProBasic formulation has been specifically studied to support the physiological recovery processes in the post-workout phase.


>Calcium and Magnesium supports normal muscle function.

>Zinc* contributes to the normal  acid-base metabolism.

>Vitamins C and E help protect cells from oxidative stress produced by intense training.

>Featuring  Coenzyme Q10.

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Nutritional characteristics

Gluten free, Lactose free, Vegan Friendly, With Vitamins


120 tablets

Product category

Health supplements, Minerals


Recovery, Wellness


Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Running, Skiing, Swimming, Team Sports, Triathlon

  • 144g ( 120 x )
  • Carbonates and Bicarbonates Alkaline minerals.

  • Zinc contributes to the normal Acid- Base metabolism.

  • With added Vitamins C and E.

  • With B- Vitamins with pro-energetic function.

  • Helps supporting the recovery phase after training or competing.

Take 4 tablets daily with water. Ideally taken post-workout or before bed.

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