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Le Novità

    • Cyclodextrin mix Cluster Dextrin™
    • Innovative 1:0.8 ratio
    • Triple carb source: cyclodextrins, maltodextrins and fructose
    • 40g of carbohydrates per serving
    • Neutral flavour

    The benefits special 1:08 ratio

    Scientific literature reports that the special 1:0.8 ratio is optimal in endurance sports as it fully exploits the oxidation of carbohydrates providing the energy needed to sustain intense performance and reduce fatigue.
    This is possible since different types of carbohydrates have different transporters to carry glucose from the gut to the blood, with the maximum rate of a single carbohydrate source such as maltodextrin being around 60 grams per hour.
    It is suggested that during endurance exercise (above 2.5 hours) 80-120 grams of carbohydrate per hour should be consumed to maintain blood glucose levels and prevent fatigue. Race Fuel> enables us to increase carbohydrate oxidation to more than 60 grams per hour (up to 80-120g/hour) and to achieve that, we combined Cyclodextrin and Maltodextrin with another form of carbohydrate, which has a different transporter, fructose.
    Given that fructose has a different transporter than glucose, the triple source formulation of RaceFuel> allows for greater carbohydrate delivery during exercise, therefore increasing the amount of carbohydrates that can be simultaneously used and absorbed during endurance sports. This innovative formula allows athletes to increase the carbohydrate intake up to around 80-120 grams per hour, supporting athletic performance by minimising gastrointestinal distress and enabling faster absorption.