NAMEDSPORT> is a trademark of the Named group known in Italy for over 30 years as a leader in the field of Natural Medicine, its scientific research and its careful selection of the raw materials that go into our products.

Based on a true passion for sports and on a strong pharmaceutical experience, NAMEDSPORT> was launched with the aim of promoting a healthy, innovative and effective collaboration between sports medicine and sports performance.

As part of a continuous evolution, NAMEDSPORT> works in association with scientific experts investing heavily in research and development. Included in the process are Doctors, Trainers, Physiotherapists and Nutritionists whose input into the product development will ensure they are at the forefront of the market.

All NAMEDSPORT> products comply with national and European regulations.

That is why our passion for sports, our reputation in natural health and the manufacturing processes embodied in the NAMEDSPORT> range are increasingly being used in the lives of professional sportspeople and those serious about sporting performance.